Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Holy Spirit and the Priestly Spirit

Yet another gem from Andrew Murray: 

"As the blood [of Jesus] gives the right, teh Spirit gives the power and equips us for believing prayer. He breathes into us the priestly spirit: burning love for God's honor and the saving of souls. He makes us so one with Jesus that prayer in His name is a reality. He strengthens us for believing, persistent prayer. The more the Christian is truly filled with the Spirit of Christ, the more spontaneous will be his life of priestly intercession. Beloved fellow Christians, God needs priests who will draw near to Him, who will live in His presence, and by their intercession bring down the blessing of His grace on a waiting world. The world needs priests who will bear the burden of the perishing and intercede mightily on their behalf" (Teach Me to Pray, Bethany House 2002, page 211). 

Amen: are you will to lean on the Lord and take up the challenge? I pray you will join me in answering "yes," for this world is in desperate need of intercessors. 

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