Friday, April 01, 2016

Long to See the Glory of Christ? Pursue Holiness

For many years, I’ve highlighted the biblical relationship between holiness and the sight of God. That is, whereas we normally think of morality and behavior when we think of holiness, the more profound core of it is preparation to behold the glory of God in the face of Christ. Unsullied eyes have undistracted sight. 

Of course, I’m far from the first to see this truth. Consider, for example, the words of Augustine from fifteen-hundred years ago: 

“Wherefore, since it is our duty fully to enjoy the truth which lives unchangeably, and truth for the things which He has made, the soul must be purified that it may have power to perceive that light, and to rest in it when it is perceived. And let us look upon this purification as a kind of journey or voyage to our native land. For it is not by change of place that we can come nearer to Him who is in every place, but by the cultivation of pure desires and virtuous habits” (On Christian Doctrine, Book 1, Chapter 10). 

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