Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We Will Make Progress in Prayer

In his book Teach Me to Pray (Bethany House, 2002; ISBN: 0-7642-2596-0), Andrew Murray offers us such a hopeful word. Please read these words carefully and then take some time to sit in the presence of Jesus and give him thanks for this amazing work which he will surely complete in us. 

Murray writes, “We can have the fullest confidence that with such a teacher [Jesus Christ] we will make good progress [in prayer]. Let us not only meditate but also pray and wait at the foot of the throne to be trained for the work of intercession—in the assurance that even with our stammering He is beautifully carrying on his work. He will breathe into us His own life, which is prayer itself. As He makes us partakers of His righteousness and of His life, He will make us partakers of His intercession. As the members of His body, as a holy priesthood, we shall take part in His priestly work of pleading and prevailing with God for men. Ignorant and feeble as we are, Lord, teach us to pray” (15).

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