Friday, March 11, 2016

The Beginning of the End - Day Four

Ministry & Missions Research Class, March 2016
In some ways yesterday was just another day. We studied qualitative research methods and looked at so many theories, strategies, and charts that by the end of the day I felt as though my brain literally couldn't take in another piece of information! It's amazing how sitting and studying for nine hours, even with a few breaks in between, can exhaust a person. 

In other ways, yesterday was a monumental day. It was my last day of classes at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and since I started in 2009 that feels pretty big. It was also Dr. Martin Crain's last day of classroom teaching after a seventeen-year run, and I can't explain how privileged I feel to have been part of his final classroom session (Marty's the man in the middle, sporting the grey beard and maroon shirt). 

Further, yesterday was the last bit of instruction I will receive before embarking on the eighteen-month process of researching, writing, and defending my final project. Today has been a day of reflection, synthesis, and planning, and at several points along the way I've gotten that "pinch me because this can't be real feeling." 

It's kind of strange that after so long I'm both sad to be done with classwork and glad to be done with classwork. 

Well, anyhow, enough about me. I've had a wonderful time today thinking about the nature of preaching in the life of the church, memorizing the rest of John 1, and worshiping Jesus along with the amazing musicians at Sovereign Grace Music (via mp3s). I'm so eager to get home and see my Kimmy and Rachel tonight, and to awake tomorrow to serve Jesus in the northewest Twin Cities which I love. 

Thanks so much for praying for me this week; it means more than you know. 

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