Sunday, December 20, 2015

Day Two - Jesus is the True Vine of Life

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser.” 
John 15:1

Yesterday we learned that Jesus Christ is in absolute, willing, and happy subjection to God the Father, and therefore that he is subject to the Father’s every whim and perfect will. What, then, is the perfect will of the Father for the Son? 

Answer: that he be the one true vine of life. That he be the one true source of nourishment, growth, passion, power, fruitfulness, purpose, and joy. Or to borrow the language of John 14:6, that he be the only way, the only truth, and the only life. 

Indeed, may we understand this truth - Jesus does not simply lead us in the way; he himself is the way. Jesus does not simply tell us the truth; he himself is the truth. Jesus does not simply lead us to life; he himself is life. Jesus does not simply bring us to the vine; he himself is the true vine. Friends, to have him is to have all and to reject him is to reject all. 

This is the perfect will of the Father for the Son. 

Surely there are many who reject Jesus in favor of false vines. Surely there are parts of us, even as believers, that forsake him and seek nourishment from false vines. We turn to the praise of others and money and career and power and prestige and television and sports figures and actors and actresses and 1,000 other things, seeking from the world, from false vines, what can only be had in Jesus Christ. 

But no matter how long and far our wanderings, the fact will remain the same - Jesus Christ is the true vine of life and there is no other. 

Prayer Focus: Pray that in these forty days God the Father will be gracious to us and reveal the false vines in our lives. Pray that he would grant us the desire to turn toward Jesus and away from these things, that we might have the power and passion to eat and drink of Jesus alone, for he is indeed the only true vine of life. 

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