Saturday, December 19, 2015

Day One - Life is All About God the Father

“I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser.”
John 15:1

Jesus begins the life-shaping message of John 15:1-11 by making a statement about himself. And having done that, he quickly places himself within a larger relational context. He is indeed the true vine, but he has a vinedresser, namely, God the Father. What do you suppose this admission implies about the relationship between Jesus and his Father?

At the very least it means that God the Father is ultimate. It means that he is eminently great in power and that he has all power over the Son. It means that the Father superintends the life, growth, spread, and fruit of the Son. And as for the Son, it means that he is absolutely, willingly, and gladly submitted to the Father. He is utterly vulnerable before him. The Son is humbly subject to every whim of the Father and happily surrendered to his perfect will. 

Please don't pass by this truth too quickly - there's great treasure here. Please take the time to prayerfully meditate upon it, to think of its implications and savor the vision of God that's being lifted up before us. 

Even for Jesus Christ, who is very God of very God, life is not about himself but about God the Father. And if this is so for him, should it not be so for us who are infinitely less than God? We will never see ourselves aright until we see God aright, and we will never live our lives aright until we live them in humble and happy submission to God. 

Prayer Focus: Pray that over the next forty days God will open our eyes and ears, that he will soften our hearts and wills, that we may see Jesus for who he is, delight in who he is, and gladly surrender to what he has for our lives. 

Life is all about God the Father. 

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