Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Handrens are Moving...Again!

It seems that Kim and I have the calling of Abraham and Sarah on our lives, that is, to be sojourners who have no physical foothold in this world. When Abraham died the only land he owned was the grave in which he'd buried his wife, and I'm beginning to think that Kim and I will share this destiny. 

And if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for us! 

Like Abraham and Sarah, our hope is not in this world and we are actively looking for another City whose designer and builder is God. As long as our hearts are rooted in Christ, there's nothing at all wrong with owning property in this world and there's nothing wrong with owning no property in this world. The American Dream is much too small a dream for those who look to Christ in faith. The Kingdom Dream is a better dream and more sure, and Kim and I know that we will not be disappointed to have put all our hope in that dream. 

Having said that I must hasten to say that we'll not exactly be suffering in our new rental property. It's half the size of our current house with twice the property. The inside is more than enough to meet our needs, and the outside is almost park-like. We feel like we're moving to a retreat center. And amazingly it's cheaper than the townhouses that were available to us, and even some of the apartments that were available. God richly provided and we're deeply grateful to him. 

You can see a shot of the front of the house above. We'll share more after we move in. For now please be praying for the process as Kim, Rachel, and I are all very busy and have so much to do in the next fifteen days. We pack up on September 30 and move in on October 1, and if you can help we'd appreciate it. But if not we ask you to pray, for surely the Lord will provide in his own time and way. 

Details aside, the majority of our prayers are going toward how God will use our lives at this new property. Please be praying with us about this. Pray for our quiet time spots. Pray for our neighbors. Pray for various church meetings that will happen there. Pray for the owners of the property, that they would Christ in the way we steward their resource. 

And please join us in giving thanks to God for providing for our family. The details are too complex even to summarize here but suffice it to say that God has almost miraculously provided for us throughout this process. He is an amazing Father and we give glory to his great and gracious name! 

Once we get settled, we'll invite you all over for a big party. California friends, you're invited. You buy the plane ticket, we'll buy the food! 

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