Saturday, August 22, 2015

New Book Coming: "Living by Faith: Meditations on the Letter to the Hebrews

I have been on sabbatical this summer but contrary to popular opinion sabbatical is not vacation. Rather, sabbatical is a time to draw away, be with the Lord, and engage in some labor that normal, daily ministry doesn't allow. Besides my work on two doctoral courses (one of which I finished and the other of which I began), my primary labor this summer was completing a book I've been writing over the last couple of years. 

For now, the book's entitled Living by Faith: Meditations on the Letter to the Hebrews. The forty-six chapters are edited versions of the sermons I preached on this sacred letter from the fall of 2012 to the fall of 2013. At the moment it's 429 pages long plus a brief Preface. 

More importantly, it was a great privilege to spend 250 hours or so meditating deeply on Hebrews. In my view, the sermonic-letter is more like a symphony than a theological treatise, and therefore I envision it in four movements: The Glory of Christ (1-6), The Work of Christ (7-10), The Call of Christ (11-12), and The Commands of Christ (13). I can't explain to you what it's been like to gain such sight of the glory of Christ and to be able to just soak in it--no meetings, no sermons to preach, no other obligations. Just Jesus, his Word, and time. 

I'm very grateful for this gift, and now I'm hoping and praying that my long labor on this book will help others see and savor the stunning glory of Christ with me. 

By the way, not that the manuscript is complete I'm in the final editing process. I need people who are willing to read 5-10 of the chapters and (1) look for errors, (2) check for consistency [I have a guide to help with this], and (3) offer whatever feedback they'd like. Are you willing? If yes, send me a note at and we can work out the details. 

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