Thursday, August 20, 2015

Latest Doctoral Course: "Fresh Directions in Biblical Preaching"

In late July I took a doctoral course at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (near Chicago) entitled “Fresh Directions in Biblical Preaching.” The course was taught by Kent Anderson, President of Trinity Western University, presiding Chairman of the Association Canadian Theological Schools, and Professor of Homiletics (preaching). He’s written several books on preaching but for this course we only read Choosing to Preach which I reviewed on my blog sometime ago.

The book was decent, the course was great. Dr. Anderson has progressed in his thinking quite a bit since Choosing to Preach was published and I benefited tremendously from his passion for Jesus, his passion for preaching the Word of God, his passion to work on the craft of preaching and always strive for improvement, and his breadth of knowledge and practical wisdom. I also benefited greatly from my fellow students, all of whom are full-time preachers with many years of experience.

In the months before I left for sabbatical I was feeling somewhat stagnant in my preaching and I didn’t know why. I was asking the Lord to help me, and he surely did. The seven books we read for this course plus the incredibly rich four days we spent together have provided me with all I need to make some adjustments to my preaching process and delivery that will keep me fresh, interested, passionate, and on the learning edge for many months, if not years.

And as an added bonus, the course inspired a topic for my doctoral dissertation which I’m set to begin next March. I’ll have to keep that to myself for now as it may not get approved, but I’m excited about it.

Last but definitely not least, it was such a privilege to have Kimmy with me during the week of the class. She had to work on this and that, and so didn’t spend much time in the class with me. But we were able to have lunch together every day, and to enjoy the nights together. The Lord really blessed us that week and for that we’re very grateful.

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