Friday, August 28, 2015

Fishing for the Glory of Christ to the Delight of my Wife!

I’m still in shock. Kim's still in shock--and she's totally happy, just look at her! 

Somehow, some way, this summer I bit the hook and took up fishing! It all started at the Wild River State Park where Craig and Jeralyn Prange graciously allowed Kim and me to use their camper for a week. Jeralyn had mentioned that the park arranged for canoe trips on the Saint Croix and so when we arrived we looked into it, signed up, and had a great 3-4 hours floating along, enjoying nature, and enjoying each other’s company.

A few days later, as I was contemplating how to take another similar trip, it occurred to me that I’d actually enjoy fishing in that kind of relaxed environment. So I did some research on river fishing, especially along the Mississippi, I discovered that bass are the main fish in the river, and I found some resources that taught me how to catch 'em! 

Next thing you know, I was the one saying, “Kimmy, let’s go to the bait shop.” “Kimmy, let’s go fishing.” “Kimmy, I’m done working for the day, meet me at the river!”

She was in shock. She was elated. She’s been trying to get me into fishing for twenty-five years, no exaggeration!

I too was in shock and I still am but I have to stop writing now because the fish are hungry and I want to throw a line in the water! Maybe I’ll see you along the shores of the mighty Mississippi as I’m fishing for the glory of Christ to the delight of my wife! 

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