Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Update on Cycling - Duluth and Back or Bust!

Getting Ready to Ride from Lake Harriet
I haven’t blogged about my bike rides in a few weeks because I was busy with a doctoral project that turned out to be more of a bear than I imagined, and  because I’ve been spending lots of time with Kimmy. Blogging just hasn’t seemed that important! But alas, I love to share about the grace God sheds upon me as I ride my bike.

Over the last two weeks I’ve done a lot of riding on the bike trails in and around Minneapolis. In fact, I’ve done 160 miles on those trails! First, I did 90.1 miles during which I circled Cedar Lake, Lake of the Isles, Lake Calhoun, Lake Harriet, and Lake Nicomis, as well as traveling along the beautiful Minnehaha Creek and Mississippi River. I also explored the trails around Dinky Town, Saint Anthony, Columbia Heights, Robinsdale, and as far south as Eagan—that’s right, Eagan. It’s hard to believe, but the bike trails stretch out unbroken from as far northwest as Columbia Heights to as far southeast as Eagan and perhaps beyond—there was more exploring to be done in that direction but I had neither the time nor the inclination to do so at the time.

I must also mention that I rode along the Hiawatha Path through a pretty rough part of town (55 and Lake for you Minnesotans) and that’s not a place one wants to be while wearing spandex! I shall not go that way again, at least not on my bike. While I was waiting at the corner of 55 and Lake, six or eight gangsters got off a bus and walked across the street right in front of traffic and everyone stopped in fear of them. The leader wasn’t hard to pick out and of course he spotted me and they started walking my way. I had a line in my mind that if crossed, I would just take off against a red light but luckily the light changed and I pedaled rather quickly out of that area! And I prayed for him and his friends as I did because I was once like those people and I now ride in spandex only because of the grace of God in Christ! Some of you might question if that’s grace or a cause for prayer, but you get my point!

And during all of this riding, my precious Kimmy and I got to ride about 30 miles together, eat lunch and dinner out at this or that park several times, and take in two concerts at the Harriet Band Shell one of which was very good and the other of which was mediocre but also free! Oh, and one night Rachel joined us for dinner at The Malt Shop where Kim and I first had a date 26 years ago—yes, 26 years ago. It was then one of Kim’s grandma’s favorite places, and ever since it’s been one of ours. We were so blessed to share that place with our precious Rachel.

I’m very grateful to the Lord for my time on these trails and for the time with family. I’ll post pics later as I’m sending this from a State Park with a weak and temporary internet signal. Tomorrow I plan to do a 115 mile bike ride from north of Stillwater down to that awesome city and back, with an extra loop here and there to get in the miles. I look forward to writing about that by early next week.

God bless you all, thanks for reading! 

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