Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sabbatical Update

Last week Kimmy and I had the privilege of spending time at the Wild River State Park, located on the Saint Croix River some forty miles north of Stillwater. Our friends, Craig and Jeralyn Prange, graciously let us use their trailer for the week and...well let's just say it wasn't suffering! 

We spent our time enjoying the park, cycling, and getting to know the area. But probably our favorite thing was the day we spent five hours canoeing ten miles along the river. The day started at the Park where the staff of Eric's Canoe Rental met us at the edge of the river and shuttled us up ten miles to the drop off point. We then put in the river along with some others, but we wanted to alone so we let them paddle for a while before we set out. Soon enough we launched from shore and Kimmy began to fish. I don't really like fishing so I just enjoyed a float down the river. After some time, we stopped at an island in the river and spent an hour or two eating lunch, swimming, and acting like a couple of kids! It was so much fun. When we were done, we finished paddling back to the park and then headed back to the trailer for a wonderful dinner and a fire. We're so grateful to the Lord for this time, it was truly memorable (see pics below). 

This week we're back home, working on things around the house, and I am picking back up on my doctoral work and one of my books on Hebrews. Kim is applying for teaching jobs and doing a little fishing, while Rachel is working at a childcare facility in Saint Paul where she's worked on and off for the last three years. 

As for prayer requests, here's how you can pray for us: 

1. Pray that our times with Jesus will be rich and fruitful. 

2. Pray that our marriage will grow as we spend more time together this week. 

3. Pray for Rachel as she love on her kids and gets ready for the fall semester. 

4. Pray for my doctoral work and my work on Meditations on the Letter to the Hebrews

Blessings to you all, thank you for praying. 

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