Friday, May 15, 2015

The Joy of Spending much Time with Jesus

I know that most of us are very busy people. Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with tasks and responsibilities in a given day that I wonder how I'll make time to eat and sleep! But one of the keys to life is learning to put first things first, and the first of the first things--by far--is simply spending time with Jesus and meditating on his Word. 

With this in mind, please read the following quote from Andrew Murray's prayerfully and carefully, and then resolve to spend a good chunk of time today just being with Jesus. Doing so will help you want to, and make time to, be with him again tomorrow and the next day and the next! May the Lord bless us as we read and meditate on these words. 

"Dwell often in the private place, with the door shut against the world, your work, your responsibilities. There the Father waits for you. There Jesus will teach you to pray. To be alone in secret with the Father; may this be your highest joy. To be assured that the Father will openly reward the secret prayer so that it cannot remain unblessed—may this be your strength day by day. To know that the Father knows what you need what you ask will give you liberty to bring every need, in the assurance that your God will supply it according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” (Teach Me to Pray, Minneapolis: Bethany House, 2002, page 27). 

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