Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Risky Faith?

Hudson Taylor was a man of great faith who Jesus used to bring the gospel to inland China in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-centuries. Due to his disposition and calling, he often trusted the Lord with matters small and great, and he saw the Lord keep his word and provide so many necessary things time and time again. 

At one point in his ministry, he felt called to recruit twenty-four people from Europe to go to China with no promise of personal provision--no certain salary, no certain place to live, no certain source of food or other necessities of life. Some criticized him for this call, for they felt that he was being irresponsible with the lives of others in the name of faith. But Taylor responded in the following words which I encourage you to read carefully and prayerfully: 

“To those who have never been called to prove the faithfulness of the covenant-keeping God…it might seem a hazardous experiment to send 24 European evangelists to a distant heathen land ‘with only God to look to’; but in one whose privilege it has been, through many years, to put God to the test at home and abroad, by land and sea, in sickness and in health, in dangers, necessities, and at the gates of death—such apprehensions would be wholly inexcusable” (Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, Littleton, CO: OMF Books, 2010, page 89). 

What do you think about Taylor's response? Was he living by faith, or using faith to justify his own fleshly desires? Was he being irresponsible with the lives of others? 

In what ways does Taylor's faith challenge you? Inspire you? Concern you? 

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