Monday, April 20, 2015

Monster Bike Ride - Duluth and Back or Bust!

By God's grace, I have the opportunity to take a sabbatical this summer from May 18 to August 19. Sabbatical is not vacation, so I will be actively seeking the Lord, working on a few projects and doing my best to listen well and receive whatever Jesus has to say to me. 

But since I will be free from the daily pressures of ministry, I do plan to take one monster bike ride this summer. It's one that I've been wanting to take for years, and now I'll finally have the chance. I'm calling it "Duluth and Back or Bust!" The plan is to ride my bike from Elk River, MN to Duluth, MN in one day (150 miles), rest for two days, and then ride back home in one day. So that's 300 miles of riding in two days with a little break in between, and I can't wait to hit the road! 

That's the goal but the reality is that I'm very out of shape right now because I allowed the high stress of the last seven months to knock me off my nutrition and exercise track. But that's behind me  now and I've been back in the saddle for a few weeks, getting a little stronger every time I ride. 

My training plan is pretty simple: 

Mondays: Off 
Tuesdays: Speed Workout (cadence, speed-endurance or sprinting) 
Wednesdays: Recovery Ride or Cross-Training 
Thursdays: Off 
Fridays: Endurance rides (beginning at 25 miles and working up to 125 miles) 
Saturdays: Off 
Sundays: Speed Workout (cadence, speed-endurance or sprinting) 

I've got four weeks of training under my belt now, and I'm looking forward to starting a new round of training tomorrow. It's set to be a little colder this week, but hopefully it'll hit the low to mid 50s by Friday when I take my 45 mile ride. One way or the other, it feels good to be back in the swing of things and riding again. For me it's "Duluth and Back or Bust!" and I refuse to bust! 

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