Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Daily Faith Breeds Steady Faith

Hudson Taylor, lauded missionary to China and man of great faith, once wrote, “The secret of faith that is ready for emergencies is the quiet, practical dependence upon God day by day which makes him real to the believing heart” (in Hudson Taylor’s Spiritual Secret, Littleton, CO: OMF Books, 2010, page 73).

Amen. We prepare for the storms of life whether or not there is a present storm, for our preparation is simply this: clinging to God by faith. If we will learn to cling to him day by day, then we will be able to cling to him on any day, no matter how dark or dreary or perilous. As the Psalmist wrote in Psalm 112:7, “He is not afraid of bad new; his heart is firm, trusting in the Lord.”

May the Lord teach us the life-shaping secret of living by faith.

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