Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thankful for the Grace of God in Christ

Lord willing, this evening Kim, Rachel, and I will gather with Kim's family for our Christmas celebration. And as I contemplate what the Lord has done in and through us over the last two  and one-half decades, I feel so grateful for his grace toward us in Christ. Kim is a child of divorce (her parents split when she was 7), and without going into details, for many years this time of year was the hardest time of year for us. 

But God delights to redeem brokenness, and though our family is far from perfect he has brought us so far together. This morning it hit me that I'm actually excited about gathering with the fam for Christmas, when in years past both Kim and I would be feeling lots of stress and needing lots of prayer. 

And so I want to take this opportunity to simply say - thank you, Jesus, for humbling yourself and taking on flesh. Thank you for living the life you lived and dying the death you died. Thank you for overcoming death and rising to be at the right hand of the Father where you ever live to intercede for us. Thank you for being an actual Savior who makes an actual difference in this life and the one to come. 

As we remember the time of your birth, may we greatly exalt the reality of the redemption that is found in you. We love you, Jesus, and we long to love you more. 

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  1. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Yes for wonderful Christ again today for blessing in him and so much heaven in Christ are behind and in front are more of heaven and more the HOly Spirit with us to celebrate and be healed from all worry and pain in soul, thanks and bless,keijo sweden