Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On My Trip to India, Part 3

As most of you know, I traveled to Ventrapragada, India from May 5-16 to be part of a team that taught (and learned from) Indian Pastors and those training to be pastors. The team was sent by the Treasuring Christ Together Network (our family of churches) to serve an Indian ministry called Reach All Nations (RAN). This week I would like to share with you about the various ministries offered by RAN.
1. The Church: Current Sunday morning attendance at the church is about 250 people. They also offer a worship service on Sunday evenings in the heart of the Hindu part of their village. This service is small but it is filled with courageous believers who are risking much to openly worship Jesus where they live. Further, the church is seeking to establish at least two other worship sites in nearby areas, both of which I visited. In addition to these services, the church holds “cottage prayer meetings” just about every night of the week. These meetings are called by members of the church to pray for something, to celebrate something, or to evangelize their neighborhood. Finally, the church puts on occasional evangelistic outreach events, some of which draw thousands of people.
2. Children’s Home: This home services children from poor families who spend ten months per year at RAN. The Children’s Home staff teaches the children about Jesus, helps facilitate their public school education, feeds them well, and loves them with the love of Christ. The Home currently has thirty-one children, only one or two of which are orphans.
3. Ministry to Widows: I do not know how this arm of their ministry works but I know that it exists. I assume that they feed and otherwise care for widows who, in Indian society, are destitute if left to themselves.
4. Disaster Relief: India is subject to rampant flooding and other kinds of natural disasters. When disaster strikes, RAN has several partnerships through which they participate in the relief of suffering, especially among the poor.
5. The Bible School: The primary ministry of RAN is to train pastors and potential church planters through their Forty Day Bible School. I will share more about this next week.
For now please visit RAN at www.reachallnations.org and lift them up in prayer. While the staff appreciates the various types of support they receive, they mainly long for partners who will pray. So let us pray!

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