Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On My Trip to India, Part 1

Today I'm going to post a number of articles I wrote for Glory of Christ Fellowship regarding a trip I recently took to India. 

As some of you know, I traveled to Ventrapragada, India from May 5-16 to be part of a team that taught (and learn from) Indian Pastors and those training to be pastors. The team was sent by the Treasuring Christ Together Network (our family of church plants) as part of a five-year commitment we have made to a ministry called Reach All Nations (RAN).
Reach All Nations was founded by Vijay Meesala (who visited GCF two or three years ago) in order to train and send many missionaries throughout India, and indeed the 10/40 Window. Their passion is to play a part in accomplishing the Great Commission. The TCTN recently voted to support one of their two annual Forty Day Bible Training Schools by (1) donating $2,000 per year to the ministry and (2) sending two TCTN Pastors per year to help provide the training. Pastor Jordan Thomas and I were selected by the leadership of the TCTN to make the first trip, and thus, having received permission from the Elders of GCF, I went.
My trip was very fruitful, and over the next two or three days I’ll be sharing more about what the Lord did during my short stay there. For now I want to thank you so much for praying for the team and me, and for lending your financial support as well. Please continue to support this on-going ministry in one or more of the following ways.
First, if you haven’t done so already, please visit www.reachallnations.org, familiarize yourself with the ministry, and pray for Vijay, his staff, and the several key American partners in the ministry including Bethlehem Baptist Church, the TCTN, and Heart Cry Ministries. This is a frontline evangelistic ministry in a very strategic country, and more than anything—I truly mean that—more than anything, they need our prayer support.
Second, consider making a donation to help pay for the cost of the trip and the ministry of RAN in general (make checks payable to Glory of Christ and note that the funds are for India 2014). Any funds we receive in addition to our costs will be sent directly to RAN.
Third, the TCTN will be sending teams to India once or twice per year. Vijay is particular about who teaches at the Bible Training School, but there is always much to do for anyone who wishes to travel along with the team. Vijay told me that he’s willing to receive teams of 2-8 people, so please pray about your own involvement in this ministry. Perhaps someday the Lord will send you there as well.
Thank you so much, Glory of Christ, for your passion for missions and your willingness to put some skin in the game! May the Lord use this trip in ways we’ve not imagined for the glory of his name and the joy of our souls!

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