Saturday, January 05, 2013

Thank You for Praying for the Elders' Retreat

Thanks so much to those of you who lifted the elders of Glory of Christ Fellowship up in prayer over the last couple of days. We had a very good and fruitful time. We did gain clarity about the Lord's direction for the life of the church in 2013, but perhaps my favorite part of the retreat was a little game we played called, "No, really, how are you doing?"

Each of us took about an hour to share about our personal walk with the Lord, our victories, our struggles, our hopes, our concerns, our marriages, our children, our health, etc. As each man shared, the others listened, asked questions, gave some good counsel, and learned to walk in love with one another.

I told the other elders on the way home that that time was just as important, perhaps more important, than the other business we accomplished. Even in sports, the teams that know and care for each other off the field, fight with more passion and unity on the field. Our care for one another and knowledge of one another, translates into the desire and ability to engage in the work of the Kingdom of God with passion and intensity and consistency and camaraderie.

Love is more important than strategy or details, and the Lord led us in this way--praise be to His name!

And thanks so much for praying, it means so much and I really appreciate it. 

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