Thursday, December 27, 2012

Praising God for our Recently Departed 1990 Honda Accord-LX

It seems like only yesterday, but alas, nearly six years have passed since the day we bought our precious little, rusted out 1990 Honda Accord-LX. We paid $1,500 cash for her, invested another $1,000 along the way, and drove her for some 70,000 miles...but today she died! 

It was sad, yes, but expected. She has been showing signs of age and deterioration for some months, and we knew her time was near. She died as she had lived: serving the Handren family well. We were on the way to work when she had a massive heart-attack (the engine suddenly stopped working). It was painless, and peaceful. 

We will miss her: the lame-goose horn, the key that's been stuck in the ignition for the last five years, the rear left window that won't roll down, the windshield wiper fluid that only squirts out of one side, the metal hood-holder-thingy that has to be wedged in front of the radiator, the constant oil leaks that make a mess everywhere we go and cause the car to smoke when we're sitting still, the heater that's been stuck in the full hot position for the last three years, the carpet on the driver's side door that we finally ripped off because it became so annoying, the visor that one of Rachel's friends accidentally broke off last year, the rear bumper that's held up by high-tech bungee-cords because the quarter panels are too rusty to hold it up anymore, the old squeaking parts on the front-wheel assembly that make it impossible to sneak up on people, the awesome rear spoiler that's been hanging on by way of a miracle for the last two years, the trunk that closes when it's in the mood to close--thank you very much--the bent and rusted front quarter panels that often hooked and ripped my pants, the massively rusted front license plate holder that busted off when I tried to change the plate last month...

Oh, Honda, we shall miss you very much! You served us well. You did your part. Despite all your flaws and weaknesses and wounds, you gave us all you had to give. We bid you adieu and wish you well as you pass on to the next world. Certainly, it will be Honda-heaven for you. And hopefully your many organ donations will help others live, even as you die. 

And praise be to God who provides for all of our needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus! Praise be to him who brought us this old Honda, and who has already prepared for us another. May we be pleased to wait on him, and may he be glorified as he provides for us! 

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