Friday, November 09, 2012

Ten Problems with Mormonism

In an effort to expose the truth about Mormonism mainly to the people I serve at Glory of Christ Fellowship, I have decided to write a number of blogs on the subject. I will at times share my own thoughts and research, and at other times suggest good resources by which you, my readers, and the church I serve can search these things out for yourselves.

Today I'd like to share a You Tube video I watched yesterday. It's long, 1:21:15, but well researched and presented. I do not know who the author of the video presentation is, so I cannot endorse him at a personal level, but I can say that his claims are in line with research I myself have done over a period of twenty years. The most important thing is this: listen to the video point by point, take notes, and search these things out for yourselves.

With that, here's the video.  

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