Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Daughter was Accepted into KPA at the University of Minnesota

Our daughter is set to go to the University of Minnesota this fall. She'll be studying at the College of Design and is looking at getting a degree in retail merchandising, or something along those lines, with a minor in textile design.

Some months ago we learned of a house at the University called Kappa Phi Alpha. It's run by a Christian ministry and majors on leading the young adults there to keep Christ at the center of their lives and studies. They pray and worship and study and apply the Bible together on a daily basis, and they process what they're learning in light of the Lord as well. So we went down there to meet the leader and staff some time ago, after which she applied to live there. Two days ago we got the news that they chose her for the house, and we're both proud of her and grateful to the Lord for surely he's the one who opened this door for her.

She's always had such a heart to reach out and embrace people who are not accepted by the majority, who are different or teased or whatever. She has a huge compassionate, loving, embracing heart, and I just know that living in this house in the context of the University will be a fertile soil where her compassionate heart can grow--and I'm thrilled!

Thanks, Lord! Please be with your special young lady and guide her in the way she should go.

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