Monday, January 16, 2012

On Retreat this Week

Every year at this time our denomination offers pastors the privilege of going to one of their camps (Trout Lake Camp near Pine River, Minnesota) for four days of retreat, study, prayer or whatever. So my fellow Pastor, Kevin Feder, and I are heading up there today. In addition to spending some extended time with the Lord, he is going to spend his time praying and planning for year and I'm going to spend my time working on my book, Preach the Word: Why I'm Passionate about Expository Preaching.

I've been working on this book for ten years now and I'm very close to having it done. The hope is to have it to the publisher by late February/early March and hopefully on the shelf, so to speak, by Easter. But we'll see, the quality of the work is more important to me than the date of release.

Please pray for both of us as we put our hands to the plow of the Lord's calling upon our lives. I feel a particular burden to stay near to Jesus and write only what he instructs me to write, and this comes by fasting, prayer, and otherwise seeking the Lord in community. So again, please pray and I will certainly return the favor!

Thanks in advance for your partnership, may the Lord be near you as you fix your eyes on him!

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