Monday, December 26, 2011

Kris Lundgaard: The Enemy Within

As part of my personal pursuit of God, I try to read a section or chapter of a devotional type book during my morning quiet times. The Bible, of course, always comes first and if I'm too long in the Word I don't get to my current book, but I do try--everyday. And so over the last few months I've been reading Kris Lundgaard's book The Enemy Within: Straight Talk About the Power and Defeat of Sin (Phillipsburg, NJ: P & R Publishing, 1998).

All I will say is this: you should read this book. It's packed with truth and it imminently readable. Kris took much of the content of the book from his reading of the Puritan John Owen, and he freely acknowledges the same. In fact, he says early in the book that if Owen was still alive he'd certainly sue him for plagiarism! But that's okay, truth is about truth, not the one who articulated that truth. And so I praise God that this modern man took the powerful, but antiquated, writings of a true man of God and made them palatable for our time. 

You can learn more about Kris Lundgaard here and you can purchase a copy of the book here. Please do! And may the Lord bless you as you prayerfully consider the wisdom he has to offer.

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