Thursday, September 01, 2011

Sharing the Love of Christ on a Plane

Here's a testimony I received from a man in our church today:

"I flew back from Atlanta last night and sat next to these two professional soccer players. I was reading Jerry Bridges book on Grace as well as TABLE TALK was on my lap. Mutanda asked to see the Table Talk as it was a striking cover on 9/11. He read the first article where [R. C.] Sproul was pretty direct about Islam, and the fact that more babies were aborted on 9/11 then people killed in the towers. 

"Mutanda is NOT a Christian and he told me so. We had extended full discussion on Jesus Christ, hell, salvation, is God just, forgiveness. He agreed to read the book of John and look for topics like love and forgiveness. He was VERY open to talking and wanted answers. 

"Andre was next to him, his teammate, and listened in on the whole discussion. I am not opposed to you sending this out, but I prefer to be anonymous. Being used by God is an incredible experience especially when it comes to salvation, which is arguably the most important discussion one will ever have on the face of the earth in their lifetime." 

I praise God for this interaction and pray now that He'll water the seed that was planted so that it comes to fruition. Here are a few links where you can see the soccer team and both players profiles. Please join my friend and me in praying for them.

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