Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sharing the Love of Christ in my Dreams

Oh how I love it when I have God-glorifying dreams, and especially when I wake up right afterwards and end up remembering all the details!

Here's what I dreamed early this morning: I was walking along a sidewalk and stopped to talk to a friend. There were some rough looking kids right next to us and one of them walked up and asked, "Can I borrow your pocket knife," and simultaneously proceeded to take it off of my shirt. Why I had a clip on pocket knife on my shirt, I'll never know!

As I was keeping a close eye on this young man to ensure that he wouldn't strike out against me or steal my knife, I noticed he had somehow removed my keys from my belt loop without me feeling it. So I said, "Hey, man, give me my keys back," and went ahead and grabbed them in case he wasn't in the mood to surrender them. As soon as I secured my keys it occurred to me that he might have grabbed my wallet, too, so I felt my pocket and sure enough it was missing. We both laughed a little, perhaps for different reasons, and then I got my wallet back.

Then it hit me: I looked him in the eyes and said, "You forgot the most important pocket," and I reached back and grabbed my little pocket Bible out of my rear left pocket--where I do always keep it in real life--and I opened up the Bible and began to share with him.

I said, "Do you know how much Jesus loves you? The Bible says that God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, Jesus Christ, that whoever believes in him should not perish--that means to receive punishment from God--but have eternal life."

I had a huge smile on my face and my heart was filled with joy as I shared and at that moment I woke up. I wish the dream would have lasted just a little longer because I would have loved to hear his response, but alas it was only a dream. The more important thing is that this dream filled my heart with passion and joy to share the hope of Jesus Christ with a real person today in real waking life.

I have done that through a note or two but otherwise I've been glued to my desk all day. However, it's only 3:45 p.m., there's still plenty of time left. Perhaps the Lord would allow my dream to come true today. I guess I better find that clip on pocket knife!

Thank You, Jesus, for being such a mighty and merciful Savior! Use us all this day to spread the joy of your love and life, and thanks so much for inspiring me in a dream, the second one this week!

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