Friday, July 01, 2011

To be Missional is to Do Only what we See Jesus Doing

Here's a devotional I wrote for our church's weekly e-newsletter. 

In last week’s devotional I said that God Almighty has planted and rooted Glory of Christ Fellowship in this city that we might give our lives—our everything—to exalting his glorious name in Elk River and beyond. And I said that this lifestyle of exaltation must begin in our hearts and homes, then in our Community Groups, then in our church as a whole, then through strategic partnerships with other God-centered, Gospel-loving movements in our city, state, nation, and world.
Of course, in the ebb and flow of real life, we will be developing a heart for local missions in several spheres at once, but I am convinced—thanks to Asa Veek—that we must build the structure of mission from the inside out. That is, we must start with the heart-home and work toward the other spheres of mission. It may be helpful, then, to envision these spheres as concentric circles: heart-home, Community Groups, all-church, and strategic partnerships. Our plan is to patiently develop a Christ-enthralled passion for missions one sphere at a time.
Therefore, this week I want to begin a long series of devotionals that focuses on the how of all this. In other words, I want to suggest a path by which we can develop this passion and actually engage with Jesus and one another in the mission of Jesus in the world, namely, to make disciples of all nations.
So here’s the plan for the devotionals in the coming weeks: (1) Seek to share the heart of Jesus for the lost and the “least of these.” I’ll be writing two or three devotionals on this topic. (2) Learn the practical skills necessary for being on mission with Jesus. I’ll be writing many devotionals on this topic, probably too many! (3) Put these skills into practice and learn to live a “missional” lifestyle. I’ll also be writing many devotionals on this topic, Lord willing.
For today I just want to say two more things. First, I know that word “missional” is a bit controversial in our circles but I must admit that I like it. By “missional” I simply mean a Christ-centered passion to be on mission with Jesus. Jesus himself said that he only did what he saw the Father doing. To live a missional lifestyle is to die to our way of life and do only what we see Jesus doing. It’s to join our Father in his work.
Second, to prepare your heart for the next few devotionals, please take some time to meditate on John 17, Matthew 9:35-38, and Matthew 25:31-46. As you read, ask the Lord to reveal his heart to you and form his heart in you. The key to being on mission with Jesus is conforming to his heart, so let’s pray that he grants us this grace.

Longing with you to do only what we see Jesus doing,
Pastor Charlie

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