Thursday, May 05, 2011

Humble Boldness

Today after lunch I read the April 2011 edition of The Voice of the Martyrs magazine. This issue highlights the plight of our fellow Christians in Vietnam and includes the story of a Bible School that was recently destroyed only weeks after graduating its first class. I went online a found a summary of the story which I'll paste below, along with a link to their website, but first I just have to say how touched I was to read of the humble boldness of these people.

Although they constantly face severe persecution for the sake of Jesus, they continue to pray, share the good news, and give Bibles to any and all who will take them. It's plain to see from the stories, and accompanying pictures, that these precious souls are filled with the love of Christ and are willing to let that love overflow through them no matter what the cost. They are humble, they are bold, and their suffering is not in vain. One day their light and momentary afflictions will give way to an eternal weight of glory that's quite literally beyond comparison, and thus I pray that they would receive daily grace to look beyond the things that are seen and live in light of the things that are unseen (2 Corinthians 4:17).

Here's the link to the website and the story which you can find by searching the site for "Vietnam":

VIETNAM: Officials Bulldoze Mennonite Bible School, Beat Pastor Unconscious
Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang, human rights lawyer and chairman of the Legal Committee of the Vietnam Evangelical Fellowship, was arrested by police on Dec. 13 just minutes before his home and Bible school were demolished by authorities. Pastor Nguyen was held at an undisclosed location after being beaten with batons until he fainted. He was released later that day.

Pastor Nguyen has been jailed three times. He and five other church leaders, known as the "Mennonite Six," were imprisoned in 2004. Nguyen was accused of practicing non-sanctioned religion and operating an unauthorized Bible school.

VOM sources state that the attack appeared to be carefully planned and well-coordinated. It follows a recent series of critical reports about Pastor Nguyen that appeared in a government-owned newspaper. Leaders and Bible college students linked with Pastor Nguyen have come under intense pressure from officials to give up their association with the Mennonite church.

Please Pray! 
We join VOM Australia in praying for Pastor Nguyen and his family who now are left stranded with no home or Bible College. Pray for all the students that have been scattered back to their own villages that they will continue to trust in the Lord. Pray for all the pastors, leaders and families to remain calm throughout this time. "Therefore I ask that you do not lose heart at my tribulations for you, which is your glory" (Ephesians 3:13). 

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