Sunday, May 02, 2010

An Update from India

Sorry that I’ve not posted to my blog in a while, the net has been very pesky! But I trust the Lord and I’m grateful that I can post this now.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s been happening. Life at Beracha House has been going very well. I’ve been teaching twice per day, seven days per week, which has been both rewarding and challenging. The admonition to “be ready in season and out of season” is taken quite literally around here! This has stretched me to trust in the Lord, follow the Spirit all the more in my teaching, and spend as much time as possible in prayer so that my well doesn’t run dry.

I’ve also been working on my book 4-6 hours per day, six days per week, and that is going very well. Lord willing, I will finish a strong rough draft before I leave and then only have to spend another day or two cleaning up the manuscript. If I can talk them into doing it, I’ll have Terry Pfleghaar and Mike Perry read the whole manuscript for me and help me make it better but if they’re unable to make the time I’ll just do my best and send it in faith!

One way or the other, I’m so grateful to the Lord for his grace to me. This book has been gestating in me for eight years now and I’m so ready to give birth. To be honest, I see the grace of God in delaying me because I have learned many things and grown in some ways that have made the book much better. So praise be to his name for birthing this in me and for bringing it to fruition at just the right time.

Please pray for the crops that have been planted here. Beracha House has several acres of land on which are planted cucumbers, tomatoes, corn, lady fingers, dall (a pea-like veggie), and peanuts. Things are going well and the farmer is doing an amazing job but prayer would be appreciated. A good harvest will make life at Beracha House all the better, and it will glorify God.

I have so much more to say but it will be better if I say it face to face when I return. The plan is to talk about the trip on Sunday, May 16 in both services. Then I’m thinking I might have people come to the house that night to hear more but I haven’t decided about that yet. I may be wiped out from travel.

Thanks so much for all your thoughts and prayers. Things are going very well which is due in part, I’m sure, to your partnership. So thanks be to you and glory be to God! May he richly bless you according to his riches in Christ Jesus.