Monday, March 23, 2009

Sickness, Diet & Exercise

Well, it's been a week or so since I've blogged because I took a couple of days off to recover from three very intense, but good, weeks, and then I came down with a pretty bad cold or flu that laid me out for a few days. As the Lord has done in the past, he used this cold or flu to "make me lie down," and I'm thankful to him for it. I feel really weak still, but I feel so rested inside and at peace. Praise the Lord!

One thing the Lord has been doing in my life is leading me to think more carefully and get more disciplined about my diet and exercise. If you think about it, diet, exercise, and rest are absolutely foundational to everything else we do in life, and furthermore, these things are an important part of the stewardship of this temple the Lord has given us. And as the Lord said, the one who is faithful will little things--like the body--will be faithful with big things--like the glory of God.

I'm not one who gets excited about being on a diet, mainly because even when they work they never last. So rather than looking for the latest fad I've created a couple of tools based on Liz Applegate's book Eat Smart, Play Hard. These tools help me do two things: ensure that I have a proper balance of foods each day and that my calorie count stays within an acceptable range. I've been using these tools for about a week now and I already feel so much better. I had been feeling pretty lathargic, and it's amazing to me how quickly my sense of energy and mental alertness has flip-flopped even though I'm weak from being sick. Praise be to God!

To help me stay on track with this I've enlisted the help of my wife and another good friend, and I joined a website called "Spark People." You can check the site out here. It's a free service and has tons of great ideas, motivations, recipees, etc. And best of all it doesn't focus on a particular diet, it focuses on healthy living. I have already found it very helpful.

One part of their system, of course, is exercise which is an easy one for me. I love being on my bike, in fact, if I could just ride and ride every day I would! I don't know how to explain it but it's like a sanctuary for me and I always meet God when I'm on my bike. My main issue hasn't been failing to exercise it's been failing to exercise discipline with food!

The point of this post is just to say that stewardship of the body is about discipleship. It is about our life in Christ. So please pray for me as I embark on some life-change here, and if you'd like to see the tools I use just e-mail me ( and I'll send them to you.

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