Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Letter from a Suffering Missionary

Yesterday I received the following e-mail regarding a missionary in Bologna, Italy who recently had a stroke. I have no time to explain why I'm posting it here, so I will simply trust that the Lord will use it as he sees fit.

Dear Friends,

It’s been a while since I have updated you on Andy’s condition. He was home again this past weekend. After I picked him up at the hospital on Sat. morning we went for a drive in the country. It was a beautiful day. We stopped at one of our favorite spots- a stocked fishing lake with a beautiful view and a nice restaurant that serves great sandwiches.
As we sat in the car eating sandwiches and soaking in the beauty, I began reflecting on the first question of the Westminster Confession; “What is the chief end of man?”
“To glorify God and enjoy Him forever.” Andy and I talked about how his ability to fulfill his “chief end” had not changed one bit since his stroke. Whether he can walk or talk or use his arm, he can still glorify God and enjoy Him fully! Isn’t that a joy? Our true purpose in life cannot be hindered by any disability or illness!
He is making progress daily. He can now walk a few steps with a cane and assistance on his left side. His legs are getting stronger all the time. He still loses his balance occasionally and needs someone to assist him in his movements. He has had some very minimal movement in the muscles of his upper arm, but he still can’t make any significant movement of the arm or hand. His speech is improving slowly and his mind is definitely clearer.
He had another CAT scan and it showed improvement and he is now being reevaluated for surgery. He saw the anesthesiologist this morning and has clearance for surgery. He should see the surgeon this week who will set a date. Depending on the date it is possible they will consider discharging him and continue his physical therapy on an out-patient basis.
So, things are progressing steadily here. We are grateful for all your prayers and help during this long period of recovery. We are seeking to “glorify God and enjoy Him” even in this illness. May He find pleasure in His children!


Linda, for both of us

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