Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Again!

It was sure good to see Kim and Rachel last night, and to rejoice with Kim in the glory of Christ--Rachel was sleeping in the backseat! We hardly finished saying hello before we launched into an hour-long conversation about the awe-inspiring beauty of Christ who is "better" than all, to use one of Hebrews' most important words.

He's better than the angels and Moses and the high priests of Israel and the first covenant and the law and the tabernacle and King David--meaning, not that any or all of these are bad or evil, but that Christ, in his infinite greatness, is the fulfillment of them all and that his coming means their obsolescence.

Thinking on this main theme of Hebrews the other day it occurred to me that perhaps, in the wisdom of God, the reason he has hidden the identity of the author of Hebrews from us is because Jesus is better than him as well and there's no need to know who he is. He was an instrument in the hands of God who has now decreased that Christ might increase.

Looking back over the week, I feel even more strongly about what I wrote on the first day. It was a privilege to be in the room with so many servants of God, some of whom are laying everything on the line for the glory of Jesus. And it was a privilege to sit at the feet of a master teacher like Don Carson. But in the end it was not my colleagues or Don Carson, or even the author of Hebrews, who captured my attention--it was Jesus Christ himself. He simply takes my breath away and strikes awe into my soul.

Oh how right the Psalmist was to say, "Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised, and his greatness is unsearchable" (Ps 145:3). May we never settle for less in this life than as much of him as he'll give to us!

Thanks for praying.

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