Saturday, March 07, 2009

Good to be Biking Again

The last couple of days have been warm here in the NW suburbs of Minneapolis, about 40 degrees each day. That's my starting point for riding my bicycle outside and thus, having worked hard on my Cyclops bike trainer over the last couple of months, I was eager to hit the road!

I've got all the necessaries: full-face "sock" so my ears don't freeze, a long-sleeve undershirt and long cycling pants designed for the cold, full-finger gloves--the works. The only thing I'm missing is something to keep my feet warm. My biking shoes are mesh on the top so that in normal conditions they ventilate my feet and keep them cool, but in colder conditions they allow my toes to freeze! In fact, a couple of weeks ago, when I went out for the first time, I literally could not feel my big toes at the end of the ride. Thinking that's not a good thing, the next time I went out (yesterday) I decided to wrap my feet with "clingwrap" which actually worked very well.

I must be quite a sight to see, all decked out in black from head to toe--oh except for my bright red biking helmet! But when something gives you such joy, you do what you have to do and you don't worry about what others think.

It's like walking with Jesus--others may not get it, and they may think we Christians are crazy and that we're "odd," but so be it. The joy of knowing Christ so far outweighs the joy of fitting in that it's worth every moment of alienation from those who don't understand. And perhaps someday Christ will allow them to see him in us and they'll get it, and they too will get all decked out in the garb of Christ because the joy set before them will make it worth enduring their cross.

Eric Lidell, the man about whom Chariots of Fire was made, once said, "God has made me fast and when I run I feel his pleasure." Well, God has not made me fast but when I bike I too feel his pleasure. I learn so much about life when I'm out there, it's like a sanctuary where God and I meet in a special way. And thus the title of this blog, it's really good to be biking again.

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