Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Please Pray for Mike & Suzanne Wagner

Yesterday morning my fellow Pastor, Kevin Feder, and I had the privilege of meeting with a young man who is raising support so that he and his wife can relocate to Manila, Philippines as missionaries. His passion, after soaking in the language and culture for two or more years, is to serve the Filipinos by helping them train, mobilize, and send missionaries around the world, especially the Asian world. The national organization that has asked him to come has a vision of sending 200,000 missionaries into the world!

May the Lord grant them success for the glory of his Name!

Unfortunately, our church's missions dollars are already committed for the foreseeable future but I told Mike that we'd pray for him and ask others to pray as well. Sorry that I don't have a picture of him and his family, but if you have a chance will you please pray for success as he waits on the Lord and tries to raise the remaining 50% of his needed support? And will you please pray for the vision of the Lord for the Philippines? It seems to me such a strategic place from which to launch out in several directions.

Thanks for your partnership in prayer.

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