Thursday, August 28, 2008

Update from Jan Korbel

I received this update from Jan Korbel a couple of days ago. Please join me in standing with her, trusting in the grace and power of Almighty God to meet her needs for the glory of his name and the good of others and the joy of her own soul:

Dear Praying Friends,
The immigration appeal process is long and involved - as is the case with most things here in Kenya. Yesterday we went to immigration and talked with a man that had been recommended to us by a Kenyan lady, Wanjiku, who is the registrar of churches and societies. Wanjiku is a friend of Craig Sorley's parents from when they lived and worked here.
The first man we met with was as friendly and helpful as we could imagine. I think he is a Christian man and assured us if it was up to him he would grant our request. However it isn't up to him at all. He talked with Mr. Chariot, the chair of the committee that makes these decisions and said that he would follow-up and see our file through the process. Since Mr. Chariot was not immediately available we returned later in the day to meet with him to ask for the best approach to appeal our class A permit (to be changed to a class E - missionary). He was not very convinced that we should be granted the class E since we are registered as an NGO. However in the end he gave us a list of things to include in a letter of request and also suggested we include letters from churches we have worked with.
After our two trips to immigration we paid a visit to the lawyer that helped Care of Creation through the registration process and recommended registering as an NGO rather than a church related society because he understood it would not be difficult to get a class E permit, considering the type of NGO we are. He agreed to present our appeal to the immigration committee.
Now it is for us to draft our letter of appeal, collect letters from churches or organizations we have worked with here in Kenya and pray, pray, pray for God's favor with this committee. The deciding committee meets every Thursday. It's my hope that we can get things to them by next Wednesday so they can consider it sooner rather than later. However, I am sure there is no guarantee that this will get on their agenda straight away.
Please continue to pray for God's favor with this committee. Pray that the letters we request from folks will come in quickly and say what is convincing. Pray that what we say is also understood. I think that being misunderstood as a mission organization is starting to take its toll on us. We are committed to a work that seems to need constant defending. I will let you know when I have more information about the process.
Thank you so much for your support, Jan

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