Thursday, August 14, 2008

Praise from Jan Korbel

I just received the following update from Jan Korbel. Thanks so much for praying! Let us keep persevering in prayer with her to the very end.

Hello Friend,
(If you feel like you are coming into this in the middle of a story, please see my blog listed below.)
GOOD NEWS! I don't have to leave the country. I was granted an extension to my current visa. I have 90 days more before I need to leave or get my work permit settled. I also applied to get an alien's registration card and was finger printed today - all ten digits! I should get my little alien card in about 5 weeks! -- I'm legal!
Tracy and I also talked to a man in immigration about our issue and wanting to change or appeal the Class A permit. We got some advice, but still have no clear idea of exactly what will happen. We will ask the Baptist Mission of Kenya to draft a letter and perhaps some other organizations or churches we have worked with, then we will return to meet the Chair of the committee that decides these issues in immigration to make our appeal. Please continue to pray that God would show us favor in what we bring back as a request and they will grant the new (Class E) permit. We will need to word these things in such a way that is winsome and convincing that we are in fact doing missionary work as opposed to something else. This process could take weeks. And once I am through it the Sorleys will go through the same thing because their permits under the Baptist Mission expire later this year.
While my visitor's visa was extended for 90 days, we only have about 60 days to appeal the Class A, because the form telling us permission has been granted for that permit is only good for a certain amount of time. Once that expires it will be difficult to get any kind of permit for me.
Thank you so much for praying. I put a short update on the blog and will write some more detail of the trip to immigration in the following days.
You are a blessing, Jan

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