Thursday, May 01, 2008

Update from Jan Korbel

I received the following e-mail from our missionary in Kenya today. Please join me in lifting her up in prayer:

Hello Friends,
I have been working on remembering Swahili and getting a better grasp on it for the past two and a half months. I think I have basically gained the realization that; Swahili is hard, it's harder the older you get and now I have a much better grasp of how much I don't know. In just two weeks I leave for Kenya and start work on getting settled there. The immediate future has some uncertainties that could really use prayer coverage.
1) The current tenants in the house I am going to rent have had their next place fall through. Please pray they find a place by May 31st.
2) I will need to purchase a reliable used vehicle when I arrive in Kenya. Pray for God's mercy as I look and for just the right one that suits my needs would come available at a price I can afford. I would like to have the vehicle in the first two weeks I am there, it would be great to have the paperwork done in that time too. Quite honestly if all this happened it would be a miracle!
3) I just got word that the tenants in my house in Minneapolis are buying a house and would like to get out of their lease three months early. I would love to see everything work out smoothly and for just as wonderful tenants to be found to move in there long-term. It's a lovely house in a city neighborhood. Pray for new great tenants for June 1st.
4) Craig Sorley (my colleague in Kenya) has just started working on my resident visa to live and "work" as a missionary in Kenya. Please pray that this process will go smoothly, with no surprises, requests for bribes or delays along the way.
5) I travel from here (Morogoro) to Dar es Salaam to Nairobi to Brackenhurst on Friday May 16th. First by three-hour bus ride to Dar, then a flight to Nairobi where the Sorleys will pick me up to take me to Brackenhurst (another hour away). I arrive about 4:15 pm and later in the evening Ed Brown our US Director and three other visitors from the US arrive with him. So I will wait at the airport for everyone to get in. Pray for travel mercies for all of us.
6) Care of Creation will have Kenya board meeting and long-range strategy meetings over the following 10 days while Ed is around. Pray that all runs smoothly.
Thanks for your faithful support and prayers. Please check my blog often. I try to write at least 3 times a week. It's the best way to see what is on my mind. If you have a blog that keeps me up on you, please send the address as well. Or just drop me a simple email. (Hold off on attachments until I get to Kenya though, please. Our connection is quite slow here.)
Thanks again, blessings to you, Jan

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