Wednesday, April 16, 2008

T4G Day Two--So Far

Day Two, I think, may out-do Day One. Kevin and I started the morning by meditating, along with an old friend of Kevin's, on Mark 4 and the parable of the soil. We then shared with one another how the "soil" of our hearts was doing and we laid them before the Lord.

Then it was off to hear John MacArthur talk about the doctrine of total depravity, or as he called it the doctrine of the inability and unwillingness of the human being. It was an outstanding message. Again, I'm not sure if they're posting the messages, but if they are believe me this one is worth listening to. It's not so much that it contains a lot of new info, it's just solid biblical truth applied with insight, authenticity, and passion. I was helped very much by this message.

The second session featured Mark Dever who addressed several ways Christians are trying to help the gospel by adding various things to it. Ironically, however, in trying to help the gospel they end up losing it. Mark, therefore, simply encouraged us to hold firm to the message as taught.

It's lunch time now, and I'm living in the tension between two blessed and God-given possibilities: sleep (we only slept 4 or 5 hours last night) or listening to R. C. Sproul who's one of my heroes. I think, with the Lord's help, I'll choose the latter blessing!

Thanks again for your partnership! More to come soon.

Pastor Charlie

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