Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Please Pray for Sonya

About once per month I meet with an older man in Christ who mentors me. We always meet at the same restaurant, we always have the same waitress, and we always encourage her in the Lord and pray with her over our meal. (She's not a believer.)

Yesterday morning, as I was waiting for my friend to show up, Sonya (the waitress) asked me if I believe in demons. She was concerned that I would think she was strange and I think she was quite surprised when I had so much to say about the subject.

It seems her boyfriend, who deals drugs, has been plagued by demons of late, and having heard some of the details I'm convinced he really has been. I then shared Christ with her in a very bold way and warned her that Jesus is the only one who can deliver her, and him, from them. She seemed very taken, almost stunned, by what I shared.

All to say, will you please pray for Sonya?

Father, I thank you for the many appointed meetings we've had with Sonya, and I thank you for yesterday. Now please remove the blinders from her eyes, allow her to see the glory of Christ, deliver her from the enemy, and save her soul! I also pray for her boyfriend and her daughter, that they would be forever changed as they see with their own eyes your power over the darkness.

Oh, how we praise you, Lord of Light! And it is in your great and holy and merciful name that we pray, amen.

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