Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Note from Jan Korbel

I just received the following note from our missionary in Kenya, Jan Korbel. Please join me in praying for her.

Hello Friends,
I am writing from Swahili Language School in Morogoro, Tanzania. If you look for this university town on a map it's directly west of Dar es Salaam and not very far from it. (About 2.5 hours by car.) I have enjoyed refreshing my memory on many words I learned back in 1994 when I took lessons in Nairobi. Here I am learning much better grammar. It remains to be seen if I can actually put it into practice. :) I am trying.
I spent the Easter break (five days off school) on the island of Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania. I have been faithfully writing on my blog, Not Easy Being Green. And I have been trying to keep up with picture posting on my photo site:
Please feel free to visit these often as I am better at keeping up on my blog than at sending out email updates. I love to hear your comments. That's how I know you are reading. My only request is that you identify yourself even if using the anonymous option. I have had a few odd comments that I have quickly deleted because they led to mysterious links.
I really appreciate your continuing prayers. They are felt! About a week and a half ago I was diagnosed with typhoid and spent all of last week in my room, laying low. I am still finishing my course of medicine but I feel much better. From what I understand I think I should have felt much more sick. So I am thankful to God for not being really wiped out.
I have found this time at language school to be a bit lonelier than I expected. I realize now that it's because I am still in transition and will continue to be until the middle of May when I return to Kenya and settle into life and work there. All that is to say that I would love to hear from you. If you have time to drop me a note that would be nice. I will try to write back as soon as possible. Unfortunately I have a hard time receiving attachments here in Morogoro. So if you have a website or are on Facebook send me the address.
Blessings to you all, and thanks again for all your prayers.
Love, Jan

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