Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Development in the Rueben Story

Last week I received a phone call from Paul Rueben's ex-wife, and the mother of his two children. Paul Rueben, you may remember, is the man who was executed by militants in Iraq last month (I believe it was last month; time is going by fast for me this spring). Kathy, Paul's ex-wife, informed me that his current wife is raising money and keeping it for herself rather than giving it to the children.

To be honest, I don't know anyone in this family and I don't know who's telling the truth. I simply received an e-mail from a trusted friend regarding the fund set up by his present wife and out of compassion decided to post it on my blog.

However, I spoke with Kathy today and told her that I would post her info on my blog as well, if nothing else to be fair. I apologize if I have caused any confusion, but I was simply trying to do the right thing for a family in need. I trust that the Lord will sort things out. He hates darkness and deceit and eventually what has been whispered in secret will be proclaimed from the roof tops.

With that, here is the e-mail Kathy sent me today:

Dear Pastor,

I am writing to give you the information for the Education Fund that I have set up for Pauls and my children.


Education Fund

US Bank

Thank you for mentioning this fund that will benefit Pauls children. The other fund that his wife set-up will not benefit them only her.


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