Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Call to Prayer for Abortion Bill

I received this notice from a friend in the Minnesota pro-life movement today. Please join me in prayer over this:

The abortion industry has hit the state with the most radical pro-abortion bill ever. The Reproductive Privacy Act, S.F. 3720/ H.F. 4059, could invalidate all laws protecting unborn children, minor girls and vulnerable women presently in place in Minnesota. Passage of the Reproductive Privacy Act could nullify the Parental Notification Law, the Woman’s Right to Know Law, the Unborn Child Pain Prevention Act and others. Please contact Sen. Amy Koch, 651 296-5981 and Rep. Tom Emmer, 651-296-4336, and urge them to oppose the Reproductive Privacy Act.

The Kahn Cloning Bill is still being considered. This deadly legislation would sanction human cloning and embryo-killing research at the University of Minnesota and allow the U of M to use taxpayer funds to conduct these experiments. The bill also requires the U of M to kill all cloned human beings or face felony charges. Please call your representative and senator and ask them to vote against the Kahn Cloning Bill.

The MCCL backed Saline Abortion Ban has been introduced in the Senate and the House of Representatives. This legislation, S.F. 3575/ H.F. 3947, would outlaw a gruesome method of abortion in which a salt solution is injected into the womb, poisoning and burning the unborn baby. These abortions are performed after 16 weeks and the poisoning takes up to 90 minutes, causing horrible suffering to the baby. Please urge your senator and representative to support the Saline Abortion Ban.

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  1. Anonymous12:30 PM

    Thank you. I will be praying and so are many of us.