Friday, March 07, 2008

Update on Kenya from Care of Creation

I received an e-mail this morning from the U.S. director of Care of Creation, Ed Brown. Our church supports one of their workers in Kenya, Jan Korbel. Here is how Ed describes the current situation there:

"Here in Madison Wisconsin it seems like winter will never end - the snow just keeps on coming! It has occured to me that this is how our brothers and sisters in Kenya feel about what has been happening to them. Numbers are far from accurate, but we hear of more than 1,000 killed, 300,000 forced to flee their homes, thousands of houses and shops burned across the country. Even though there is now a settlement in the works that is supposed to bring in a coalition government, it will be years - years! - before this beautiful land is itself again. We don't think much about "environment" in a crisis like this, but we should: Land issues and the pressures of population and poverty all contributed to the pent-up hostilities that exploded during this time, and God's creation will suffer yet again as poor people scramble to rebuild by cutting more trees from forests already devastated and depleted, leading to still more poverty and suffering as the environment on which they depend for survival collapses under them. Thousands of people who are out of work, because of forced displacement or because their industries have collapsed will be even deeper in poverty than they were before. These are not happy days for this once-happy country.
"We thank God that our staff, both local and expat, are safe after some tense days. Now that stability has returned normal project activities are starting to pick up again. Craig and his assistant Francis are trying to get 30,000 trees into the ground by Easter, and with it a message about God's vision for his people and his creation in Kenya. New Kenyan staff are in the process of being added to increase our administrative capacity and to allow Craig and Francis to continue their outreach efforts to Promote God's Vision, Plant God's Trees and to teach people how to Farm God's Way.
"Continue to pray for protection for Craig, Tracy and their boys, and for Francis and the rest of our local workers; for the funding we still need to cover our project costs through 2008; and for the Kenyan church as a whole that these troubled times will turn into opportunities for God's grace to shine in a dark world."

Amen, Ed, we will be standing in prayer with you and the team!

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