Friday, March 28, 2008

Update on Kaffrine, Senegal

You may remember praying for some fellow believers from Kaffrine, Senegal the week before Easter. Well, I received the following encouraging report from them yesterday:

"Thanks for all of your prayers. I saw and felt a big difference after several people said they were praying for us. The heavy atmosphere really lifted. And we are rejoicing because of the two new believers who were baptised on Easter morning! Easter weekend was a real joy - full of good fellowship with the family of Christ - and the extra specialness of sharing communion and the baptisms together. In the evening almost 50 people (both seekers and the believers from the morning) came to watch the Gospel of John movie. Corey did a great job keeping the cassette recording of the Wolof reading playing in time with the (English) movie for three hours! It is a powerful movie and the message about Christ was clear. Keep praying for God's Kingdom to come here in Kaffrine! We all really appreciate your prayers - God is answering them!"

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