Thursday, March 27, 2008

Please Pray for the Rueben Family

I received the following e-mail this morning and post it here in its entirety just in case someone may be moved to help this precious family. Here in Minnesota, this story has been all over the news and so this e-mail made that "news story" seem a lot more real to me. Please join me in interceding for the Ruebens.

To my Family & Friends,

I am writing today in a plea for help and prayers! Not for myself but for friends of mine named Paul & Keri Reuben. I met Keri and Paul through our optical, they are patients of ours that have become very special throughout the years! You may recognize their names from the news or a conversation with me in the last 16 months or so. Today I ask for you to read their story and take whatever action the Lord leads you to do.

Paul was working as a security contractor for Crescent Security in Iraq back in November of 2006 when he and 4 others were kidnapped and taken hostage. Since that time there has been little news and seemingly little done to get them freed. The families have been receiving updates weekly from the FBI but ultimately have received very little info due to the security nature of the incident. In the last couple weeks there were severed fingers of the hostages sent to our government officials and earlier this week the bodies of two of the hostages were recovered. As of this moment Paul is still missing!

Paul is a Husband, a Father, a Son, a Brother, a Friend. He needs lots and lots of prayers and his family needs him home!

Keri is Paul's wife, when we first met she was working a very stressful job as a full time a juvenile probation officer. Paul convinced her to go part time and let him provide for their family shortly before his kidnapping. Currently she suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and is struggling to make it! Keri hasn't received a check from Crescent Security since December of 2006 and because Paul has not been found (dead or alive) his life insurance does her no good either. She rents a home in Buffalo from a large local construction company and has been served an eviction notice and utility shut off notices. She has received some help from the county and her church but Paul has been missing for 16 months and that kind of emergency assistance only goes so far.

Both Paul and Keri are wonderful God loving people, please pray!! My heart just aches at the thought of what Paul and Keri and their kids have had to go through, I pass that ache to all of you to share with me until Paul comes home!

For those that can help monetarily there is a fund set up for the family at TCF Bank, it is titled the PAUL REUBEN FUND.

If you all could share this with more friends and family I'd appreciate your help in spreading this families story and I know Paul and Keri would appreciate your prayers too!

Thank You,

Lisa Paden

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  1. Charlie,

    Do you have an address for TCW Bank for those of us who are not in Minnesota? If so, I'll post it on my blog so others can donate.

    Thank you and God bless,