Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We Made It!

Well, we made it to Chicago about 4:00 or so today. All this traffic is making me flash back to my days in the big city! I don't miss it.

Kevin and I had a great series of conversations on the way here. We did our best to redeem the time and I think the Lord blessed that. Soon after we arrived in Chicago we checked into our room, and then we went over to The Church in West Ridge where the retreat meetings are being held. They treated us to a great Chicago-style pizza dinner--which believe me was no chore to eat--and then we gathered for worship, fellowship, and some time in the Word.

The word from the Word came from Isaiah 64, the whole chapter. The speaker, Gary Rohrmayer, encouraged us in the life of prayer. One sentence in particular really struck me:

"We, the church, must advance on our knees."

Oh how my soul says "amen" to that. We must have the supernatural power of God pulsing through our lives and ministries or we bear no lasting fruit, we gain no glory for God.

Gary told us that in recent days anywhere from 30-50 thousand people are coming to Christ every week in India. Then he told us that many of the Indian churches devote Friday nights to praye, and once per month they devote a full 24 hours to prayer together. No wonder God is moving so mightily in their land!

I've not been able to find the source of this quote, but I've heard it said many a time: "When we work, we work; but when we pray, God works." Oh how my soul cries out to God: may Glory of Christ Baptist Church be a praying church! May we lean hard on the everlasting arms! May we trust not in our own strength and strategies but on the infinite power of Almighty God! May we advance on our knees!

Thanks for praying for us. Please continue. More tomorrow.

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