Friday, January 11, 2008

Update from Kenya--Please Read This

Hebrews 13:3 says, "Remember those who are in prison as though in prison with them, and those who are mistreated since you also are in the body." Brothers & sisters, our siblings in Christ from Kenya desperately need us to stand with them in prayer right now. What follows is the latest e-mail from a pastor in Kenya, forwarded to me by a friend. You may remember that I called you to pray for him some time ago as he was missing. Praise God that he spared this pastors life, but as you will see the Lord allowed many others to be faithful unto death.

Oh how serious the admonition of Colossians 4:2, "Continue steadfastly in prayer, keeping alert (staying awake) in it with thanksgiving."

I greet you in the name of the Jesus Christ. I write you to give you a very sorrow or sad news from Kenya about the general election on December 27th,2007. There was a lot of rigging of votes of which the one who was loved by millions of people in Kenya was snatched his votes and given to the one who was defeated so the president we have now, Kenyans did not want him. For this reason, thousands of people have been killed, injured as the people are demonstrating in the towns, roads etc.

There are a lot of lootings and through this, thieves get a very great adavantages for stealing everywhere in Kenya. Many people are being killed in everyday as from last year December 29th upto now!.There are no peace everywhere in Kenya. All roads are blocked and you must pay a lot of money is when you pass through. No communications and transportation from one place to another. People are running towards to the churches and the police stations to rescue their lives. Many churches have been burnt with many people in them. We have a lot of works here as pastors. The hospitals are full of the injured people, and we walk to the hospital and pray for those people. We have no peace in these churches because of the killers who can come in abruptly with guns and stones and arrows to kill people.

There are a lot of destructions in the country. Towns, vehicles, supermarkets, markets, homes, have been burnt. Animals are being killed! Many people hear suffering. There is great hunger here. Many people have remained without clothes, blankets, food, people are dying now because of coldness because where the people are sleeping now are the places like open air places.There is a lot of thugerries in all places in Kenya now.

We need a lot of your prayers because prayer makes a significant difference in the lives of the suffering because God hears and answers prayers. Pray for grace to remain faithful unto death, that they will receive the the crown that awaits them (Rev.2:10). Pray that Christians friends and family will faithfully stand with us and that God’s comfort will sustain us all the time of this sorrow and troubles. Pray for healing for those seriously injured or tortured. Pray God will make provision through loving Christians when there are widows and fatherless or motherless who are left now in many places here destitute and where homes and churches have been destroyed, displacing many. Pray the persecuted will love their enemies and pray for them who despitefully use them (Mathew 5:44), remembering that those persecuting them do not know the wonderful Jesus that the Christians know,and are heaping up condemnation to themselves, while through the christian suffering, God is glorified (I Peter 4:12-14). Pray that the spirit of God will sweep over hands where there are persecuted Gods people, bringing many to repentance and giving them a change of heart that Gods people (I Timothy2:2-4). Pray that the plans of the enemy satan will be defeated, and that as God will He might deliver His faithful children (II Peter 2:9), working miracles of protection. Pray the persecuted will trust God.

I’m so glad to tell you that we are not killed and we are safe in the Lord, thank you for your prayers. My dear beloved, I’m very sorrow and sorry to tell you that I’ve stayed for that long before I write to you because there wasn’t internet. We are sorrowful to see that my beloved friends have been killed and their children remains with no parents!!!. I pray to hear more and more from you. Thousands and thousands of people have gone out of Kenya to other neighbouriong airports to rescue their lives passed the boarders. As from December 29th in last year 2007 up to now I’ve been staying with over twenty people including children in my house from their villages which have already been burnt down with everything and still I don’t know when they will go to other places. Please pray for the food and blankets and healing of our people here in Kenya.
In Christ, Pastor xxxxx

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