Friday, January 04, 2008

Message from Another Friend in Kenya

Our church, Glory of Christ Baptist Church, supports one of the staff members of a ministry in Kenya called "Care of Creation." Craig Sorley, the founder and Director of the ministry, recently sent the following note to some friends in the states:

Many of you have no doubt been watching the events unfold in Kenya. Your ongoing prayers are much appreciated!

We are both blessed and grateful for the fact that this tension has not yet affected us directly in our community area around Limuru, which is about 35 miniutes away from Nairobi. We are in "Kikuyu" country which is the president's stronghold. The indirect effects, however, are starting to be felt quite keenly here. A couple of our employees can't come to work because transportation is shut down, gas stations have no supplies left, grocery store shelves are empty because factories have been shut down for so long, and banking and other forms of commerce etc. is impossible.

As a brief update, yesterday's big rally attempt in Nairobi was prevented from taking place by police with water canon, tear gas, etc. Fortunately I don't think there were any fatalities. The protestors spend most of the day trying to assemble at Uhuru park, and there was a fair amount of violence in the form of vandalism. Two churches were reported to have been burned down, along with a gas station and a number of smaller roadside shops. Some stonethrowing at vehicles took place, with protestors setting up road barriers in several parts of the city. But all of the rally leaders interviewed stated that they did not support any kind of violence.

So the situation has not changed much. Both the govt and the opposition are still playing hardball and seem to have refused to accept any outside mediation, rejecting the international suggestion that OAU leader and president of Ghana serve as a mediator. It's hard to understand why the govt is taking a rigid stance when their own election officials, etc. admit they have no confidence that Kibake actually won the election. Kibaki announce yesterday he is willing to dialogue, but apparently only on his terms and after things settle down. Another rally is supposed to take place today to try and achieve the same goals that were thwarted yesterday. Basically all business and commerce has now been shut down since Christmas eve, so you can imaging the impact its having. If the gov't doesn't step forward soon with some major steps towards reconciliation and dialogue, this situation could go on for awhile. It's hard to tell. Some expatriates have already left the country, but we're not at that point yet.

Pray that both gov't and opposition leaders would swallow their pride and pursue what is best for the country.


Craig Sorley
Director: Care of Creation Kenya
P.O. Box 32, Limuru Kenya
cell: 254-733-451372

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