Friday, January 25, 2008

Lack of Assurance & Hope in Christ

If you are one who believes in Christ, who has repented of your sins and followed him, and yet you continue to struggle with knowing for sure whether or not you are in Christ, let the words of Pastor J. C. Ryles minister to you:

“A person may have saving faith in Christ, and yet never enjoy an assured hope, such as the Apostle Paul enjoyed. To believe and have a glimmering hope of acceptance is one thing; to have ‘joy and peace’ in our believing, and abound in hope, is quite another. All God’s children have faith; not all have assurance. I think this ought never to be forgotten” (Holiness, 128).

“I believe it is of great importance to keep in view the distinction between faith and assurance. It explains things which an inquirer in religion sometimes finds it hard to understand. Faith, let us remember, is the root, and assurance, is the flower. Doubtless you can never have the flower without the root; but it is no less certain you may have the root and not the flower” (130).

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